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When children should learn a second language?


Did I mention that it is also so much fun to connect with your child in such a meaningful and exciting way? It was strange, my mother was the one to first communicate with Johnny through sign language and she and I both noticed an almost immediate shift in his temperament. He became even more relaxed than before and seemed to be much more contented during those times when he would normally be frustrated with us not understanding his needs because he now was able to tell us!


I recommend to any parent, guardian or child worker to start small with simple signs for words you use every day. Remember that baby/small child hands are not quite as nimble as ours yet so the more simple the better. I found a book that really works for us however there are many many resources available to you for free on the Internet. Keep an eye out also for any courses locally available to parents, guardians and child workers as those can also be an excellent way to learn and share the joy of being able to communicate with your little one(s).

Treasure each moment with your child. These times won't last forever but the memories will!



English Learning Resource for Children


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